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Episode 1 Follow Up Questions

April 20, 2016

We had a question from one of our members, Daniel, to expand a bit on our last video in reference to trigger modifications.  We had some other requests to expand on firearms and ammo selection, so here we go.

Firearms Selection

Firearms selection for concealed carry.  There are several things to think about here.  Performance, skill level, capacity, comfort.  First off, we recommend looking at your area law enforcement and what they carry.  Law enforcement has strict guidelines and policies on what they carry.  These are based on evaluation and testing on the function and performance of firearms in various conditions.  Police officers have to have firearms that are reliable and function properly.  Therefore, we highly recommend you look at reliable and proven firearms for your self protection.

Caliber is another question.  When I was a police officer on the street, I carried a .45.  Today, as a concealed carrier, I carry a 9mm.  The ammunition has gotten better, and 9mm is easier to conceal, and offers more capacity.  Whether its 9, 40, 45 or some anything else, I think this is going to be a decision that you will need to make based on your comfort.  Not only comfort in shooting and feeling confident shooting with it, but also physical comfort in actually carrying it.  If it’s not comfortable to you, then chances are you won’t carry it.

Ammunition Selection

Ammunition.  Like having a proven firearm to carry, I want proven ammunition.  We recommend you carry factory ammunition that is proven and reliable.  If you reload, that is fine, use them on the range, but for concealed carry, I would recommend some of the more proven factory hollow point ammunition.  Federal Personal Defense Hydra Shok, Winchester PDX1 Defender, Federal HST, Hornady Critical duty or critical defense, and Speer Gold Dot are a few that I would personally recommend. I would stay away from anything with Zombie Killer, or other similar verbiage.

Firearms Modifications

I think that trigger modifications are fine, especially factory options, if you are going to be shooting them at a range, or in some competition form.  On a concealed carry firearm, however, we don’t recommend it.  Just like in looking at law enforcement for firearms selection, we recommend the same with functional modifications.  Most police departments, if not all, dont’ allow any trigger modifications for on or off duty firearms.  Look at Santibanes v. Tomball, Texas and you’ll understand why.  It involves a $250k settlement on a justifiable shooting.

Thanks for your questions, and look for part 2 of The Aftermath of a Shooting coming next week.  Thank you for your time!

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