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Aftermath of a Shooting- Part 6: Bail Bonds, Civil Litigation, and Long Term Effects

September 4, 2016

In this last video in the series of the Aftermath of a Shooting, Mike Darter, co-founder and CEO of CCW Safe, talks about bail bonds in the event that you are arrested, civil litigation, and long term effects.


    Typically, your bail will be set by a judge the following day at a bond hearing.  Now, if this falls on a holiday, or a weekend, it is possible for the bond hearing to be days later.  In one case we represented a member in a shooting, the bond hearing was originally set for a week later, which meant that they would have had to sit in jail for that long.  Luckily, in that case, we were able to press for a hearing and were granted one within a few days and were able to get our member out of jail.   At the bond hearing, lets say a judge sets bail at $500k.  You will have to meet the collateral for that bond, meaning that you will have to show the bondsman that you are capable of paying that amount, or have assets to cover that amount, bank accounts, property, house, etc. if you flee after you are released.  Once that is established, then you will be responsible for the bond fee, which is generally 10%.  Now, this fee can be negotiated, but in most cases it will be 10%.  That means that on a $500k bond,  you will have to pay $50k to get released.  This money will not be recovered, it’s gone. This is one reason we recommend the added bail bond protection on our accounts up to $1M.  You can be a standing member of society, act accordingly and be a legitimate victim and still be facing a large bond, especially if there are special interest groups or political motivation involved.


    Civl cases generally come last, if they come at all, in a self defense shooting.  Im sure many have told you that if you are involved in a shooting, you will be sued civilly, but it rarely happens.  In fact, I can only think of one case recently where there was a civil case from a civilian self defense shooting, and it was thrown out by the judge.  Most states have laws in place that cover citizens in certain areas like the Castle Doctrine, which exempts them from civil lawsuit if the shooting is justified.  Other states go so far as offering immunity on any self defense shooting if justified.  However, if you are wealthy, or the shooting occurs on property or in a location that could be the target of a lawsuit and have the means to pay off, then it could happen.  Civil suits, like criminal trials, are very stressful and can rehash the incident, and cause turmoil in your life.  You will get requests from attorneys on your assets, banking accounts, retirement accounts and college saving funds.  You are best off to let you attorney handle all of that during this time.  It can be emotionally, mentally and financially crippling, not only to you, but to your family.  There are ways  you can protect yourself and your assets, such as homestead acts, trusts and more, which we will cover in an upcoming video series.


    Taking a life is not a natural thing, trust me, and even though you may think you wouldn’t have and long term effects or problems with it, someone close to you might.  Relationships are the stress point when it comes to critical incidents, and can cause problems for everyone involved.  A good support system, I believe, is key in surviving the aftermath of a shooting.   This is another key advantage to CCW Safe.  Everyone at CCW Safe, from the founders down, have experience in these types of events, as well as our critical response teams, and can all relate to what you will be going through if you ever are involved in such an incident.

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